Jerome Historical Society

Jerome Arizona’s history is full of stories. These stories tell how the “Wickedest Town in The West” got its name and how men who sought their fortunes in this billion dollar mining camp lived, played and fought.

Once the fourth largest city in the Arizona Territory, Jerome boasted a population of nearly 15,000 on its hilltop haven. During its heyday, men and women from all over the world made their way to Arizona to find work and maybe a new way of life.

Today, when you visit Jerome and its historic buildings, you are given an opportunity to take a step back in time, feel the past and experience life as it might have been in Arizona’s rough and rugged days.

 To help with your visit. the Jerome Historical Society’s Mine Museum, located on Main Street, has numerous displays depicting life in Jerome from its beginnings to its present time.

Another way the Historical Society preserves the past for the present is through its large archives. With over 11,000 photos, numerous maps, newspapers and documents all filed and easily accessed with the assistance of our Archivist, researchers are welcome.

Importance of promotional products

Importance of promotional products

Whether you have bought or are setting up a new business, one of the most significant moves is to establish your brand in the market. It is wise to seek the marketing tools which enable you to make significant returns in the long run. Certainly, one of the best and most costs effective of these tools is promotional products.

There are many types of Promotional Products 100. They may include customized bags, yard signs, personalized umbrellas, and banners just to name a few. However, the most common of these products are custom printed apparel such as embroidered hats and t-shirts. Every day, you meet people walking around wearing a branded t-shirts acting as human billboards.

Advantages of promotional products

Promotional products have positively impacted both small and large scale businesses. The benefits that your company may enjoy by offering these products are discussed below:
• Increased brand recognition
The principal aim of both small scale and large scale businesses is brand recognition. These products can give your brand a competitive edge in the market. The brand also sticks in the minds of the customers. Promotional products act as a simple tool to create brand awareness by customizing items used by clients in their everyday lives with your logo.

Towels Promotional Products 100

• Mass outreach at low costs
With a low budget, it might be challenging to choose the marketing items that can have the biggest impact on your small business. Promotional products are a great value for your marketing investment since they create a lasting impact. Giveaways also increase customer loyalty.

• Alternative for business cards
Promotional products are a fun and creative way for displaying your contact information. Leaving a potential customer with a tangible branded product can be more efficient than issuing a business card. While business cards can be kept in a customer’s wallet, branded products such as a t-shirt or caps can be worn to display your contact information.

• Tactile
When marketing your business, it is always important to consider repeat exposure. How can you keep your potential customers consistently aware of your services or products without spending the extra money? You only have to brand these particulars on items that are regularly used by people in their day to day activities. If you own a coffee shop, for instance, you can issue branded coffee mugs.

• Robust marketing platform
Although having natural marketing products is important, being able to create other options of branding your products can be a smarter choice. It also breaks the monotony of staple marketing avenues. Promotion products can also reach more potential customers.

Business is about being smart. Using these products is a smart move that enables you to edge out competition. Whatever product you choose to promote, ensure that you try and incorporate this idea and reap the benefits.

Color Hair Extensions for Your Hair

Hair Extensions for Your Hair

Hair extensions are typically used to add length or fullness to your existing hair while retaining a natural appearance. These desired results are hard to achieve if the hair extensions you add don’t match your own hair color well. This can sometimes be hard to do because different companies and salons often use different color measurements for their extensions. Here you will learn a few tips and tricks to help you find the right color hair extensions for your hair.

If you are dealing with an online company that sells hair extensions the process won’t be that difficult, but it will take extra time and a few dollars. There are online companies that will ask you to send in a hair sample so they can match the color for you. Simply snip off a small piece, send it in, and wait for your hair extensions to arrive. Other online companies will send you hair samples that you can match to your hair on your own for a small fee.

Matching clip in hair extensions on your own isn’t really that difficult, and you’ll have to if you’re purchasing them from a store or through samples. The most important step is to match the portion of the extension that will show underneath your own hair. This means that you need to identify the color you need based on the section of hair that extends from the middle of your hair to the tip of your hair. The hair located at your roots tends to be a darker color, so matching extensions to that portion won’t work out well. That portion of your hair will also be hidden by the hair extensions once they’re attached. Simply hold the extensions up to your hair to see how closely they match. This should be done using natural lighting for the best results.

Stores don’t always have a wide selection, so you may have to choose a color that is slightly off from your own color. If you buy human hair extensions you can dye them to match your hair color. This only works on 100 percent human hair because synthetic hair can’t be dyed properly. Another option is to use the extensions as is and blend them with your real hair to give the appearance of highlights.